The Natural History Museum (NHM) has announced a refreshed list of official production suppliers, including design and production company Bespoke Events London.

Earlier this year, the museum announced its intention to focus on promoting its small capacity spaces available for hire, including North Hall and Waterhouse Way (pictured).

Sam Haslam, sales director for Bespoke Events London explained: “The actual tender process may only have taken four months, but we’ve secretly had our hearts set on achieving this status since we set out 10 years ago.

“We knew we would need a winning portfolio of work behind us before we could pitch to become part of the team in this unique venue and are so proud to have now achieved this goal.”

Steve Burnham, operations manager for Natural History Museum, added: “The passion shown by Bespoke Events London shone though in every stage of the process. They are a great addition to our talented team of accredited suppliers and we really look forward to working closely with them.”