The Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) has spoken out against PRS for Music’s potential increase on fees paid by the association’s members.

PRS for Music currently charges 3 per cent under tariff LP to all concerts and festivals. The collection society recently launched a review of this tariff that could see the fee increase.

AIF believe any rise in fees would bankrupt and close grassroots festivals, and are calling instead for a separate festival tariff that will take into account the unique challenges, tight margins and high-risk nature of staging music festivals. The association points to the ‘multi-venue’ Tariff MS in Ireland as a model.

“It is remarkable and absurd that festivals and concerts sit under a single tariff,” said Paul Reed, general manager, AIF. “With the global recorded industry in transition, independent festival promoters are taking risks on breaking artists and staging high-risk events on incredibly tight margins. PRS for Music’s plans to increase this already inflexible and damaging tariff could mean the bankruptcy of many events that provide a valuable platform for both emerging and established artists.

“There is a clear, unarguable need for a separate festival tariff. This already exists for festivals in Ireland – a clear precedent and a workable model that PRS should consider and which would result in a solution that is fair, transparent and sustainable.”

AIF made its points in a consultation response to PRS for Music.