The Association of Festival Organisers (AFO) has announced the launch of a Climate Action Group (CAG) and a Diversity Equality & Inclusion Group (DEIG).

It said the CAG has been founded by volunteers who are currently selecting a chair person to engage with sustainability organisations including Vision 2025, Powerful Thinking, Eco-Librium, LIVE Green and Julie’s Bicycle, with the aim of developing climate action policy or AFO members.

In a statement AFO said, “As with all these things, AFO does not make rules for its members but produces a code of conduct full of direction, recommendations and advice and the new CAG will add to that shortly. For many years AFO has encouraged its members to look closely at how they can improve the environmental impact of their festivals and the communities they work and live with, and as part of the global challenge.”

The organisation said that while diversity, equality and inclusion had been at the forefront of AFO policy for many years, it was thought the creation of a group focussing on the issues would be greatly beneficial.

It said the group would focus on “offering leadership guidance and information on how best to bring festivals to the table and recognise the need for diversity, equality and inclusion in all areas.”