The Association of Event Venues (AEV) has agreed a three-year agreement for PR services with event industry PR and social media specialists Vividink.

This agreement makes AEV the first client to move to the agency’s credit-based retainer model.

AEV director, Rachel Parker said: “We are delighted to have agreed a new contract with Vividink for PR services for the AEV.  We have established a strong relationship with Vividink over the years and they fully understand our membership ethos, providing us with robust PR support for our growing membership. The new credit-based model is a flexible way of working which gives us the transparency we need to plan our activities.”

Vividink’s MD, Paul Richardson, added: “Vividink has worked very successfully with the AEV for a number of years on a retainer-based approach. However, as the needs and shape of the comms requirement changes so must the way we deliver services to our clients. I am thrilled that they are the first of our clients to adopt our credit-based approach.

“A traditional retainer model can be restrictive because it requires a list of outputs for the monthly spend. Or, it ends up being an exercise in shoehorning all manner of work into a model not designed for that purpose. Credit-based retainers allow a client to have a flexible system based around their comms needs.”