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Adlib assisted Jack Whitehall on his sold out ‘At Large’ UK arena tour. The company previously supplied for Whitehall on his arena tour back in 2014 for a stage designed in the round.

The crew worked alongside production manager Neil McDonald for these string of events. In control of sound, lighting and video for an entire tour, Adlib worked in-depth for comedy production and with only one on-stage mic, which took first priority.

Phil Kielty, Adlib client manager, commented: “When we did Jack’s last arena tour, it gained rave reviews for making live comedy an event. So riding onto stage on horseback for this one, we can safely say he repeated the feat!”

Kielty said that Adlib is fortunate to work with some of the world’s top comedians in the UK, from Jerry Seinfeld and Louis CK, to Russell Howard and Ricky Gervais.

“Jack is up there with them all; he is a fearless comedian and his production is one of the best live stand up shows out there at the moment. We are all thrilled that Adlib is supplying audio, lighting and video to the amazing ‘At Large’ tour.”