Music Venue Trust (MVT) has announced that 13 venues have been removed from its ‘red list’ of 30 grassroots venues considered to be in peril.

The charity said it had drawn up the list to highlight venues judged to be in imminent danger of permanent closure. It was set up in November as part of MVT’s #SaveOurVenues campaign.

The charity launched a ‘traffic light’ campaign to highlight the status of venues around the UK and raise funds to help enable them to reopen after Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. The focus is on venues ineligible to receive funding or unsuccessful in their application to the Culture Recovery Fund.

The following venues have now been removed from MVT’s ‘red list’:

Arden Inn, Accrington

Backstage, Kinross

Boulevard, Wigan

Four Horsemen, Bournemouth

Gellions, Inverness

Hootenanny, Inverness

Plot 22, Sheffield

Rossi Bar, Brighton

Strange Brew, Bristol

The Brunswick, Hove

The Grand Elektra/ The Crypt, Hastings

The Railway Inn, Winchester

Waterloo Bar, Blackpool

MVT CEO Mark Davyd said, “The love shown for these venues continues to demonstrate how important they are to people and to our towns and cities. Music Venue Trust is committed to reopening every venue safely and we are going to carry on working through this crisis until that outcome is achieved.”