Boiler Room has released Palestine Underground, a new 25 minute documentary.

The film documents the thriving underground music scene in one of the most conflicted regions on Earth. 

This documentary follows a week in the life of alternative Palestinian music collectives, up-and-coming techno DJs, and innovational hip-hop producers and rappers, in the lead up to the first Boiler Room party in Ramallah last June.

The film sheds light on the constraints placed upon these Palestinian artists, from their restricted freedom of movement enforced by the Israeli government to the midnight party curfew imposed by the Palestinian Authority, and shows that their scene is thriving in spite of it.
United through the unique regional sound they’ve created and their love for partying, these artists have managed to build a scene and have succeeded in circumventing the political system that aims to restrict them.

Palestine Underground is the first film to document the underground nightlife culture in Palestine. It offers a fresh and different insight into the lives of a minority of young Palestinians and subverts the Western media narrative surrounding Palestine.


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