Josh Groban recently completed a lengthy tour, which took him across North America and Europe at the end of 2018.

Production support company Clair Global assisted on the tour, run by production manager Zito.

Zito commented: “I have to admit, going into this project the biggest concern I had was audio. The audio needs are very demanding. Marlow ‘Mikey’ Beck is Josh’s mix engineer and prefers an L-Acoustic system. The K2 and Kara combination proved a good choice.”

“When I spoke to Clair account manager Todd Johnson, he assigned the tour contract to Britannia Row Productions who, I know from my own experience, have a long and deep association with L-Acoustic systems. From the moment we loaded into rehearsals back in October it became obvious that, while the concern was warranted, the crew was all over it.

“I judge the quality of a crew by how little I have to interreact with them! A great team knows what needs to be done and enacts the right plan.

I never had to worry about the Brit Row crew, they got the gear in, got it up and got it done. I never got any calls to handle issues with audio, it was terrific from my standpoint.”