Production Resource Group (PRG) is using its skills to fight against the Covid-19 outbreak in Europe and the United States.

Known for live event, entertainment and scenic production, PRG is helping patients and health workers in Berlin and New York by crafting face shields and building a temporary hospital.

PRG chairman & CEO, Jere Harris, said: “We are responding to the rapidly changing needs of our customers during this emergency, and, with projects like these taking shape around the globe, we are actively at work in the fight against the coronavirus. PRG has resources with direct applicability to this important cause, and we take great pride in playing a role.”

PRG Scenic Technologies in New Windsor, New York, alongside two other local sub-contracting companies, is working in partnership with NYU Langone Health to manufacture face shields for health workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis in New York City. The project aims to produce close to 300,000 pieces in just under two weeks.

General manager, Mark Peterson, said: “We’re proud to be a part of this initiative and hope to continue to help those who are aiding in this crisis. By utilizing versatile production methods and intelligent design and in working with Local 311 stagehand labor, we’re going to be able to turn out these shields in record time.”

The team has reworked traditional production line assembly to adhere to guidelines for social distancing to ensure worker health.

Germany has been assigned by the Senate Administration for Health, Nursing and Equality, to fully equip a temporary hospital in Hall 26 at the Berlin Expo Center.

The ‘Corona – Jafféstraße Treatment Centre’ will serve as an overflow hospital, receiving respiratory patients who can no longer find a place in Berlin’s clinics. Construction started on 30 March and the hospital is targeted to become operational in approximately 20-25 days. It will operate for as long as necessary. PRG will deliver and install lighting, truss and hoists for the suspension of the lighting fixtures, gas and water pipes, as well as IT infrastructure and approximately 25 tons of cabling for the basic supply of electricity to the different beds, including the medical equipment.

President and COO, Stephan Paridaen, said: “PRG is taking its significant resources directly to the battle against COVID-19. We are proud to support this temporary hospital and hope to help bring the global pandemic to an end.”