Mobile Technik’s Tubbo structure has been used in Mentos’ ‘Who Says No To Mentos’ campaign within the Manchester Arndale Centre.

Part of a global initiative to reposition the Mentos brand, the Walker Agency-devised project coincided with a multi-channel advertising campaign which also spans TV, social media and PR.

The Tubbo featured two photo booths to create animated gifs of visitors and participants. These were then sent to their mobile phones, shared on social media or onto the shopping centre’s digital signage network.

Mobile Technik is the exclusive UK distributor for the Tubbo, which was selected as for its round and gallery-style exterior resembles a tube of mints, as well as being see-through so passersby can see what is happening inside and are encouraged to take part.

Mobile Technik also provided a branding wrap for the exterior of the Tubbo to resemble the tube of Mentos, as well as planning the logistics of the assembly in the take down at the end.

“This is a great campaign to be involved in and it proves that we can’t say no to Mentos,” said Billy Smart, brand development manager at Mobile Technik. “The Tubbo is the ideal housing for this as it can be easily branded and can quickly be assembled. It serves as a great weather-proof structure come rain and possibly even a little bit of snow this festive season!”