Elton John is the latest major artist to be the subject of an immersive experience on free-to-play online gaming platform Roblox.

Built by Universal Music Group, Rocket Entertainment and a team of 20 Roblox creators, the metaverse experience includes photographs, interactive challenges set to Elton John’s hit songs, daily scavenger hunts and trivia quizzes. It will also involve a series of 10-minute virtual performances made up of Elton’s hit songs.

Visitors to John’s virtual world will be able to collect yellow bricks with the aim of winning a chance to have their avatar appear on stage with him at his final show at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on 20 November. It will be the first time the artist has played the venue since 1975.

John said he was inspired to get involved with Roblox having seen his sons’ enthusiasm while engaging with the platform: “The possibility it creates by the ability to interact with fans in such an exciting, and forward looking way has been mind-blowing to me.

“At every step of my career, I’ve always wanted to push forward and look to the future, and Beyond the Yellow Brick Road is the next step on that journey as I prepare to step away from live touring after 50 years on the road. It’s genuinely thrilling, and I can’t wait to see the response from my fans and the Roblox community.”

Rocket Entertainment CEO David Furnish said, “As Elton says farewell to touring at Dodger Stadium, we’re excited for the opportunities that spaces like Roblox offer to ensure Elton’s music and legacy may continue to bring joy to the world.”