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Companies view corporate and incentive gifts as being a part of their marketing and communications strategies, and expect a return on investment.

When choosing them, you therefore need to determine what you want to achieve and how to maximise their effects.

Do some ground work!

Get to know the recipients of your gifts. Once you know the profile of your target, you will be able to select specific presents and brands. Check your budget, the purpose of your gift, fine-tune your choice and make a powerful statement by giving someone a present he or she really like.

Find new occasions and venues to give out your gift

Whether you are launching a new product, organising an event or a challenge for your customers; whether you wish to mark the end of the year, the New Year, other occasions, do not forget to make announcements, to generate buzz. Be original, personable and your present will have an impact and genuinely touch the person you give it to.

One gift doesn’t fit all!

Many of your recipients are decision-makers: they are demanding, equipped with the latest high-tech gadgets, they might even be blasé. Surprise them with the latest trends, enchant them with a gift they are happy to keep. Why not give them a present they may want to give to their spouse or to their children. A corporate gift which might be shared, can also be endearing.

Don’t underestimate the power of feelings and emotions

The ultimate aim is to please someone, to make an impact, to draw attention, to trigger feelings and emotions. Your client, your colleague, your provider will be more likely to embrace the values of your company, if they genuinely liked your gift.

Corporate and incentive gifting are a testimony to your communication skills. They will help you successfully promote your company!

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