PlayStation UK has engaged Circle Agency to help bring its new virtual reality (VR) titles to life in The Future of Play Tour.

The tour, which will visit six UK locations, offers gamers the chance to experience PlayStation’s new series of immersive titles.

The tour began on 22 September at gaming event EGX and most recently passed through East London events space Kachette.

Tom Whitaker, group marketing manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment UK, said: “PlayStation VR changes the way we play games and trying it is fundamental to understand that.”

Claire Stokes, founder and managing director at Circle Agency, added: “If ever there was a product that suited an experiential marketing strategy at launch – this is it. Virtual reality is a product that is extremely difficult to comprehend without the opportunity to experience it first hand.

“Being able to provide that opportunity for gamers nationwide has been an absolute thrill. We get to watch first hand as people experience this completely immersive and often incredibly emotive experience for the first time.”

The Future Of Play Tour is set to head to Cabot Circus in Bristol on 20-23 Oct and Old Granada Studios in Manchester on 27-30 Oct.