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Blog: 30 years of Fantastic Fireworks by Jon Culverhouse

Fantastic Fireworks founder Jon Culverhouse recalls 30 years of Fantastic Fireworks, rubbing shoulders with Arnie, and deriding Sir Bob Geldof's booking failures. The blog also touches on some of the most memorable fireworks mishaps and events of the past three decades....
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Can the NBA do ‘an NFL’ in the UK?

As The O2’s blockbuster NBA event sells out in record time, the franchise’s expansion opportunities are stratospheric. But unlike the NFL, basketball faces larger stumbling blocks....
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Blog: Social media trends for 2015

Emily Huddart, EventServ development and support manager, says social media and the event industry are now inseparable as she runs down the trends to watch out for in 2015....
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The lowdown on CDM regulations, by Stagesafe

A number of regular readers have expressed a great deal of interest in the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM Regulations) that are intended to ensure that health and safety issues are properly considered during a project’s development so that the risk of harm to those who have to build, use and maintain structures is reduced....