Three, in collaboration with Call of Duty (COD), have launched a brand-new 5G experience to celebrate the release of the new edition of the first-player shooter game, Call of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare.

Liverpool footballer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was the first to try out the new experience.

Three gave the England international and COD fan the chance to experience 5G through ‘one of the most hyper-immersive gameplay environments ever created’.

The Call of Duty 5G experience is powered by Three’s 5G network, which is able to load a combination of lighting effects, spatial audio, image projection, bespoke AI software, and haptics to reflect the in-game situation in real-time.

The experience aims to showcase how 5G could ‘revolutionise home entertainment’.

To realise their idea, Three collaborated with Connie Harrison who specialises in directing and creating multi-sensory immersive experiences using tech. Her team of experts included Magic Beans on spatial audio, Alice Helps on set design, Mike Ross on technical design, Immersive Me on lighting design, and Perfect Cartel on set build.

Director of propositions at Three, Jasmine Skee, said: “This is a fantastic experience to bring to life the power and speeds of our 5G network. The Call of Duty 5G experience is unimaginably good, creating a seamless, in the moment immersive environment which takes something familiar like gaming in your lounge and amps it up to a whole new level.

“And it’s not just gaming that is being taken to the next level through 5G. We see 5G at the heart of future home entertainment – from feeling like you’re pitch-side at a football match, to being in the front row at a festival, or in the middle of your favourite action movie – the versatility of 5G to power your connected home, means the possibilities are endless.”

The installation is part of Three’s long-term goal to ‘raise the bar in home entertainment experiences’ for its customers, with the aim to offer the 5G connected lounge kit for people to enjoy at home alongside Three’s 5G Home Broadband soon.

The 5G experience will be hosted at Studio Three in Three’s Oxford Street store from October 26-30.