Crowd barrier supplier Mojo Barriers has experienced a run of events based in the Netherlands, with three consecutive weekends of events.

One of the projects was King’s Day, a national holiday in The Netherlands celebrating the country’s monarch. Mojo Barriers had a presence at 16 events across seven cities, with the most popular being Amsterdam, where 750,000 visitors joined around 822,000 locals.

The following weekend was Liberation Day, which is a national celebration commemorating the liberation of The Netherlands in World War II. Mojo Barriers supplied 1,000 barriers, 26 gatekeeper and 90 line up gates across seven cities.

The third event was the Championship victory celebrations, for which Mojo Barriers supplied 900 barriers.

Mojo Barriers’ director Alex Borger said: “This was a logistically challenging run of projects. Beginning with King’s Day covering multiple urban event sites, we were always working to tight deadline to minimise disruption to normal city life. We have worked with the King’s Day organisers for many years, and that experience is valuable for everyone involved.”