A new all-female music event, FEMMESTIVAL is to launch in London, aiming to close the gap women face within both UK festival lineups and the wider live music industry. 

The 500-capacity event, which takes place on 1 October at Signature Brew Blackhorse Road, was founded by 21-year-old Talia Andrea, who was awarded Youth Music’s NextGen Fund to launch the festival.

Having worked as both a music journalist and concert promoter while at university, Andrea said she worked almost entirely alongside male colleagues in roles including artists, managers, agents, DJs and AV technicians. 

The BBC released a study last year that revealed only 13% of the UK’s festival headliners in 2022 were women.

Andrea said, “I’d find myself at some gigs which were quite hostile environments for women, and especially for young women attending on their own. Other times, I would barely see any other women around me.

“I started to wonder what it was in particular which led to a lack of women in these spaces, and what could be done to improve them. The shows I found myself personally drawn to the most were often grassroots events: hidden gems which champion affordability, sustainability, safety and ultimately, community in everything that they do.

“FEMMESTIVAL is designed with these pillars in mind. It’s about having women feel like the space is designed for them, and that everyone else around them is part of the same community — and having everyone of all genders appreciate, share in, and celebrate that.”

Youth Music’s NextGen Fund, which provided the backing for the festival, is made possible with support from Youth Music’s financial partners: players of People’s Postcode Lottery, TikTok and Dr. Marten’s Foundation.

Andrea said the aim is to raise enough funding this year to continue the festival into the future: “More funding would mean more opportunities for female artists, DJs and other creatives to join our future festival lineups and our team, which would be amazing. I’d also love to partner with more women-led organisations which have the same vision for the creative sectors — for FEMMESTIVAL to become part of a collective movement which goes beyond the one-day festival.”

FEMMESTIVAL’s lineup will consist of six female artists and four female DJs on the decks throughout the day. Tickets to event can be purchased on DICE

The lineup includes singer-songwriter Inés Rae; indie-pop star Molly Burman; and futuristic alt-pop artist Coupdekat, who is also a co-founder of the London-based all-female music collective Loud LDN.