A significant number of updates on regulations for the industry have been published in the Association of Event Venues’ (AEV) eGuide Summer 2015 Edition, out now.

The summer edition includes updates on regulations relating to venue specific rules, build-up and breakdown, catering: food and alcohol, electrical installation and testing, floor plans, stand construction, special effects and waste.

The most significant change within the eGuide for this edition has been the changes to the sampling section within the catering: food and alcohol section (page 32), which looks at revisions to the acceptable sampling sizes for a range of alcoholic beverages, said the AEV.

Notably, the edition incorporates every significant update to the ‘catering: food & alcohol’ section concerning drink sampling.

Rachel Parker, director of the AEV said: “We would like to thank the eGuide Committee for their strong commitment and guidance leading up to the release of the Summer 2015 edition of the eGuide document. The eGuide has become the ‘go-to’ document for guidance and information on regulations within the participating venues. It has reached this position because of the hard work and diligence of those who work to keep it up to date and accurate.

“We are pleased to inform the industry that the Summer 2015 edition of the eGuide has now been uploaded to the AEV website, and the updated document can be found at www.aev.org.uk/eguide.”