Sam Speaight, CEO, VR Jam on re-envisioning music.


What inspired you to start the company?

I have a music industry background and was looking for a way to use tech to expand live performance, and put the artist in control, and the obvious choice was VR, but at that time, I knew nothing about it.

What is VR Jam?

VR Jam became the first live real-time streaming product for VR and AR, shifting from a server. Artists can merge live music with a virtual environment creating a cross reality platform where fans can meet, meaning it’s also a social platform.

How did you progress the idea?

We gathered a community of content creators who work alongside artists to achieve their visions. We have 100% API integration with YouTube. We think there’ll be an explosion in interest for immersive technology as 2D becomes old hat. People can meet as avatars in real time and re-invent themselves. It transcends identity and social boundaries.

How will communities benefit?

We plan to bring the technology to universities, allowing live streaming of lectures, allowing people in the Third World to access the best education. It can also be a platform to encourage like-minded people to meet and discuss anything from sustainability to music.