London-based production company Rumpus Productions has selected TheTicketSellers to deliver a ticketing platform to its latest event.

Rumpus stages elaborate parties across the capital which often sell out within minutes, and needed a platform which could handle high traffic without crashing under load. TheTicketSellers’ platform provided this as well as the ability to run pre-sale tickets to members, and 24-hour support for customers.

The Rumpus sales coincided with the initial sale of one of TheTicketSellers’ biggest accounts, Boomtown Fair. 2019 tickets for the festival went on sale through the ticketing platform earlier in the month.

There were nearly 10,000 people waiting on the site for tickets to go on sale at 7pm, and they sold over a third of their capacity by the end of the day with 20,000 entry tickets sold.

For Rumpus, the ticket sale process was very specific, opening up a phased sale for the event’s ‘members’ ahead of the main sale, and allowing them to buy either one or two tickets. This was achieved by using one-time links with date restrictions for purchase, so it felt exclusive to each member, with the links only active for the agreed period prior to launch.

Mo Jones, director of TheTicketSellers said: “The brief for Rumpus was to give the attendees the best purchasing experience possible. The organisers want them to feel special from the moment they buy their ticket, so we worked various tools and applications into our software to achieve this including one-time links and a countdown clock.

Due to the popularity of the event and fast ticket sales, it was also really important to make sure that the sale process was quick but very effective – we put processes in place to ensure everyone who tried for to a ticket, could buy one as seamlessly as possible.”

Pictured: Rumpus’ end of year gathering 2013


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