Sweden has banned the use of bags at concerts and sporting events due to a heightened terror threat, according to Swedish police.

The ban, which applies to events such as national football and ice hockey matches, concerts and festivals, aims to prevent hazardous items from being brought in. People who have a medical need to bring a bag will be exempt from the ban.

In August, Sweden raised its national terror threat level from three to four on a five-point scale. The Swedish security service said the country had become a target for violent extremists following a series of Quran burnings in the country.

Separately, two Swedish football fans were shot dead in an apparent terror attack in Brussels last month before Sweden’s national team were set to play Belgium.

“Based on the current security situation, we have decided to ban bags at all major sporting events as of today. The decision is connected to the fact that the terrorist threat level is at four (on the five-grade scale),” Swedish Police said.