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DHP Family’s Nottingham event Splendour (cap. 25,000) and Beyond The Woods (3,000) in Lincolnshire are two of the latest music festivals to be canceled following the Government’s delay in lifting Covid-19 restrictions.

DHP Family director of live Anton Lockwood (pictured) told Access the festival at Wollaton Park did not apply to be part of the Events Research Programme (ERP) because they “expected to not be admitted”.

“They [DCMS] were looking for bigger events, ones like Wimbledon and Tramlines that were more newsworthy. We knew what they were looking for and it wasn’t us.”

But Lockwood added that the delay to the ERP report was a “huge factor” in the cancellation, along with the “lack of clarity” and the “huge risk” of putting the event on.

“Obviously festivals were supposed to reopen on the 21 June so presumably all this guidance that we needed to build the event should have been done as well, but it wasn’t,” he said.

“We’ve got no insurance, no guarantees and no guidelines, so how can we run the event? We don’t know how many toilets to order for example, or how to lay the site out. If you supply toilets or stages or whatever, you’re not offering refundable deposits at the moment.”

Lockwood said the festival is working on rolling as many artists over to next year as possible. He added that DHP’s smaller Arboretum Sunsets series that can be run with socially distancing will be open from 25 June and the events are “100% going ahead”.

Meanwhile, organisers of Beyond The Woods festival, which takes place at Stourton Woods near Horncastle and works in partnership with BBC Introducing in Lincolnshire, announced with “heavy hearts” that they have cancelled for the second consecutive year.

Independent promoter and founder of Beyond The Woods, Joe Davies, said they had no choice but to cancel the event, scheduled from 6-8 August, due to a lack of available insurance and guidance over Covid-19 measures.