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Social VR music platform Sensorium Galaxy has announced the addition of David Guetta to its musical lineup.

Sensorium Galaxy allows users to enter a series of virtual worlds where they can watch musical performances and interact with others using an avatar. It is scheduled for release in the first half of 2021.

DJ & producer David Guetta will create a series of performances for the platform, working with the Sensorium team to create an accurate virtual representation of himself. He will perform in PRISM world, a virtual club developed alongside Yann Pissenem, creator of Ibiza nightclubs Hï and Ushuaïa.

Sensorium also recently signed a partnership with TIDAL, the music streaming service which was previously owned by Jay-Z. The partnership will see artists on TIDAL able to distribute content in a VR setup.

David Guetta commented: “While digital events have come a long way in the last few months, I’ve not seen anything that comes anywhere near close to this. VR lets us create a new form of art. It’s a next-level experience that goes way beyond just watching a DJ show on a screen.

“The shows that I am preparing for Sensorium will be the first step in a series of amazing projects we will release next year. I believe this platform can change the entertainment industry and the way artists communicate with fans forever – prepare to have your minds blown!”