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Bryan Leitch, the legendary production and lighting designer, passed away peacefully on Tuesday 23 April.

His work over thirty years covered many of the top artistes and his encouraging advice along the way brought  many young and talented designers and technicians into our industry. 

Over the last few years, whilst still working, he embraced his role in Backup as that of an ambassador, engaging with those in our industry who were suffering from degenerative and life threatening illnesses.

A statement from charity Backup reads: “His calm and supportive presence and regular contact, no matter what time of day or night, meant so much to those who faced exhausting treatment and recovery. He, himself, was no stranger to this as he suffered from Non Hodgkins Lymphoma diagnosed some 9 years previously.  He received a Knight of Illumination award for his work a few years ago but Backup will remember him as a Backup Knight in shining armour who willingly and with compassion stepped forward and helped those in need.

“Whilst in hospital recently I talked with Bryan and Tracey, his wife, about Backup and Bryan was still so supportive about our charity. She and Bryan recognised how much Backup does for people in our industry who fall on hard times through long term illnesses and how much our financial support can help in such times of family crises.”
In Bryan’s memory, Tracey would like to ask everyone that is able to, to make a regular donation towards helping our colleagues in need. 

In Bryan’s own words, here he is talking last year about how the financial support Backup gives makes such a difference.