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A new virtual back office service, The Joyful Office, has been launched to “offer struggling companies a lifeline”.

Launched by Sorcha Rogers and Bren Bangalao, the company was launched to offer companies virtual support whilst their employees work remotely.

Rodgers said: “Covid has turned industries upside down and like many business owners, I have had to reassess what I’m doing. Having always run a virtual back office and investing as much time and creative energy into making this aspect of my business as wonderful as my shows, I’ve realised that virtual back office support is of great value to others right now. So, I’ve decided to reach out and help business owners find a joyful, cost effective and fair way to operate in this ‘new normal. I’m passionate about bringing joy back into business to help enterprises become more sustainable and survive for the future.”

The Joyful Office also operates on a fair pay model, working with back office experts in the Philippines.

Bangalao said: “Based in the Philippines, I’ve been working in virtual admin for years. Business owners get so caught up stressing about the back office, that they can’t focus on that all important bigger picture and why they started a company in the first place.

“I’ve been running Rodger’s back office for the last 5 years and when the pandemic hit, it became clear that businesses needed reliable and affordable virtual office support. Over the last 10 years, I’ve grown a network of trusted experts, who deliver.

“At The Joyful Office, we’ve developed a fair pay model, that puts ‘humans’ first — a win-win for both businesses and admins. If The Joyful Office means that more businesses make it through Covid by having affordable, virtual back offices they can depend on, and talented admins can find fairly paid work that they love, then job done.”