Drinks-only marketing company Garnish has announced a partnership with Portech Systems, who are offering new technology it hopes will revolutionise its services.

Garnish is a communications agency in the drinks sector, and provides expert advice on how to set up a brand, how to distribute products, and more.

The new technology uses barcode scanners and system software to record all stock in/out, samples and sales. It allocates time stamps to each sample and sale, letting the company know best sales periods and ensuring staffing is correct.

This data helps companies manage their drinks services at events such as festivals and exhibitions, and can also be used to apply discounts to drinks, maximising sales during busy periods.

Garnish says the new technology will help their clients to increase service speed during a busy summer of brand activations, and provide them with 100% accurate post-event reports.

“It’s common practice at these festivals to use old school technique for stock take, sales, data capture and reporting at these shows. We are certainly one of the first agencies to adapt to the modern age and recognise the need for a new way of doing things here.”