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Retailer has released a new survey looking into how British consumers feel about pop-up shops, which have been publicly used by brands such as Comfort, Magnum and Louis Vuitton in recent months.

The survey asked 1,424 consumer for their input, and found that 70 per cent believed pop-up shops could revitalise retail, 63 per cent would not pay to access a pop-up event and the prospect of freebies would prompt 65 per cent to attend a pop-up shop.

It also found that British consumers were most interested in food and drink pop-up events.

The survey also interviewed the owners of, who commented: “We’re living in an age where so much has gone digital – opening a store is somewhat of a traditional model. Pop-up models work because you can dip your toes in, with a more considered approach. Often, it’s limited by a timeline too, so the window of opportunity is shorter, but the experience is greater.”