New research conducted by OnePoll has revealed some key facts and figures relating to festivals, as the main festival season approaches.

With Bestival, Boardmasters and Reading/Leeds just around the corner, the survey, carried out for infrastructure provider Ultima, asked 2,000 music festival-goers questions about their experiences at festivals.

Figures show that only 14% of attendees are completely satisfied with the site facilities they are provided. 1 in 10 women said they were happy with their current festival experience, compared to 1 in 5 men.

It found that the biggest improvement organisers could make would be to notify festival-goers which toilets are the most and least busy (20%), followed by providing better Wi-Fi for posting social media pictures instantly (15%).

14% of those surveyed said they wanted to be able to leave their wallet at home and pay with their mobile, while 12% said they wanted an interactive map of the venue to tell them what is happening where.

Scott Dodds, CEO of Ultima, said: “Over 94% of UK festival goers are digitally savvy millennials who are used to having a plethora of options at the swipe of a smartphone.

“Time spent queueing at the loo could have been spent at the bar, café or retail stands so it makes financial sense to improve their experience using digital intelligence.

“With our Intelligent Spaces technology, event organisers have no excuse not to provide reliable Wi-Fi, as well as a host of other useful festival tools including digital wallets, food and retail discount vouchers, and interactive venue maps.”