LIVEUK Summit, a conference for ‘the business people behind live music’, has announced the first panellists for its 13th summit.

Taking place on 30 October 2019, the LIVEUK Summit aims to make this new date coincide with the new venue of the Hard Rock Hotel, London, and a ‘new focus’ for the conference itself – the new generation of professionals driving the industry.

The Summit expects the attendance of more than 300 delegates from across the live music industry, encompassing the range of professions within the sector, from promoters and venue operators, to booking agents and politicians.

Whilst not all of the speakers and guests have been announce, those who have been confirmed so far include: David Stopps, Friars Management; Vicky Hungerford, Bloodstock Open Air; Tim Chambers, Tixserve; John Giddings, Solo Agency; Todd ‘JD’ Malloy, Key Club; and Bee Adamic, Liberty Music PR.

This year’s Summit introduces new conference panels and features, alongside panels that have been historically included in the Summit.

Conference subjects include practical information including how digital interaction can effect ticket sales, how venues turning into a more full experience for consumers, and how the festival is evolving, but also social issues effecting the live music events sector, like sustainability and diversity and gender balance issues.

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