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European music venues will see a 76% reduction in attendance and a 64% year-on-year fall in income during 2020, according to a report by pan-European live music association network Live DMA.

Live DMA is made up of regional and national live music associations that collectively represent more than 3,000 music venues, clubs and festivals located across Europe.

The report found that since March 2020 most of Live DMA’s 2,600 member live music venues and clubs, in 16 European countries, are in “survival mode”.

The Key Numbers – Impact Of The Covid-19 Pandemic On 2,600 Live DMA European Music Venues And Clubs In 2020 report also found that an estimated 664,000 artist performances will not take place in the venues because 284,000 music events have been cancelled or postponed this year – a 70% year-on-year decline.

The report, which can be found here, states that by the end of this year its venues will have had a collective attendance of 17 million, down from the forecast 70 million.

Live DMA said audience income makes up 84% of the more than €1.8bn (£1.62bn) income the venues were expected to generate in 2020.

It says that in 2020, the thousands of Live DMA venues will have an estimated loss of income of almost €1.2bn, a 64% decline, which consists of an estimated €446m less income from ticket sales, €468m less income from food & beverages sales and €172m (£155m) less other income.