Senior live music industry figures, including Glastonbury (pictured) co-organiser Emily Eavis, Concert Promoters Association chairman Phil Bowdery and DF Concerts CEO Geoff Ellis, have written an open letter in The Times calling on the Government to provide immediate financial support to event industry freelancers, employees and businesses.

Within the letter it is emphasised that the “total collapse of this sector is imminent” and the £100 billion industry “will not operate without support for 600,000 freelancers and staff”.

It reads: “The events industry desperately needs government-backed insurance for live events. A three-year extension to the 5% cultural VAT rate on tickets has been recommended by the culture select committee and must be implemented at once. Without immediate support the supply chain will not exist to stage events. The consequence will be a slower bounce back for all: one arena show generates about £3 million in economic value to the local economy.

“We urge the government to acknowledge the size and value of the live events industry and the immediate need for financial support for these skilled freelancers, employees and businesses.”

Among the other signatories were veteran promoter Harvey Goldsmith, AEG Europe CEO Alex Hill, SJM Concerts managing director Simon Moran and ASM Global executive vice president John Sharkey.