Dan Andrew, founder, Be-Known Music and part of Access 30 Under 30 (Next Generation), talks upping your game in his first Access column…

Creating an experience powerful enough for an audience to engage with is the biggest challenge we face now as an industry. Concerts by acts like Drake are making the show part of an immersive experience, they’re creating new worlds for artists.

Live, in the future, is not going to be about just seeing a band, it’ll be about catering for and creating ‘super fans’ on another level. We’ve been good at doing that with the events we’ve run at The Shard which were elegant, intimate and stripped back. Meanwhile, our Lord of the Mics event saw MCs clash on a boat, in a setting that people had never seen.

There’ so many summer music events nowadays, that are no longer about ‘just going to a show’. They’re about finding new ways to connect to people. When we work with brands, we try and add a new perspective on an event, do something that makes people stop and think.

I like how the industry is evolving. It’s on us to keep being creative and not settling for normality. Think about the consumer journey and their value for money. With so much happened on and offline we have to keep pushing boundaries. The money comes after you focus on the customers, not before.