Organisers and venues are being squeezed by legislation, The Night Time Industry Association (NTIA) CEO Michael Kill tells Access.


In the last decade there has been significant change within our industry. The recent build towards austerity has given rise to the manipulation of our licensing laws, resulting in events being stopped, closures, license refusals to long standing festivals/events and unrealistic licensing conditions placed on some of the most influential operators within the UK.

The time has come for our sector to start to challenge the impact of our industry on the economy and communities, focusing our research on eradicating false representation given by many Local Authorities and Police, in the hope of being replaced with more reliable quantifiable data. Don’t even get me started on accountability…

Operators of Festivals, Events & Venues with partners in the Press need to start to challenge the decisions that govern our industry collectively; bringing them to the attention of the public, whilst negating the image purported by key influencers who use the media to enforce the idea that our industry and music within it create factors which negatively contribute towards our communities.

We all recognize the value of the sector within the economy and continue to stress that restrictions on the sector will change the landscape of the nightlife which we are so proud of and limit the opportunity for creativity and the growth of the economy in the future.


The campaign

#Savenightlife is a grassroots nationwide movement supported by record labels, agencies, promoters and the public. We are promoting nightculture, raising awareness, and building a collective of supporters across the country.

British nightlife is under threat. Increasingly strict licensing laws, rising property prices, new housing built close to existing venues without sufficient consideration and measures to protect premises, and a lack of understanding about the benefits of night culture have all played their part in eroding our nightlife. The statistics tell the same story: in the last decade, the number of UK clubs and live music venues has almost halved.

We are building a collective of people who are concerned for nightlife and who can raise their voices together in support of it: together we can shape the cities of the future.

Our petition allows you to either support venues in need or put pressure on your local councillors and MPs. The more signatures we gather, the stronger our collective voice is.