Tony Lake of Production Live UK counts reveals his top five Industry Trends to Watch Out For in 2019…

L’Acoustics L-ISA & D&B Soundscapes

Both of these new technologies were released last year and are now hitting the market hard. Anyone who’s mixed in a rounded room like the Royal Albert Hall knows how hard it is to do so in such an acoustically volatile room. Is that all that abut to change?

The BBCs proms and Alt J’s use of L-isa is transformative. For D&B soundscape, it now has a dedicated stage at WOMAD 2019. These new systems will take pride of place in the largest and most challenging audio environments.

I spoke to Stephen Hughes (BBC Proms Project Manager), who has a long-standing history looking after audio, who describes the system as ‘the new gold standard in live audio’ and believed we will see a lot more of this in 2019.

L’Acoustics L-ISA at the BBC proms (photo from L’Acoustics)

6+ chip LED modules
LED in lighting gets better every year in lighting land. Most agree that the two technical limitations of technology are dimming curves and colour mixing.

We are starting to see ETC and Coemar introducing products with far improved colour mixing into the LED market. The technology is impressive and has largely been met with success in its market. However, we have yet to see this technology introduced into the moving lights market. 2019 may see the first efforts of this technology breaking into new sectors.

LG create almost all of the physical OLED panels in the world, from phones to commercial sized screens. The processors that runs them are different across manufacturers, but the panel is always theirs.

With the increase in consumer demand, comes the drop in price. 268 rolleable OLED panels were used in this incredible stand by LG at CES 2019. This could be amongst the biggest of technologies to come out in 2019.

LG ‘waterfall’ at CES 2019


The production industry is so diverse, it is often hard to keep up with what is cutting edge. Major company mergers and acquisitions have happened over the last 2 years.

The marketing and branding sectors look more to events for successful promotions for their clients products. With this, I see an emergence of companies that become somewhere between a creative agency and production company, with a combination of creative and technical experience taking events to new heights.

Harvey Goldsmith, describes his new venture, NVisible, as ‘an agency for agencies’. The company focuses on market activations for sport and entertainment. Other upcoming companies such as Production Live are also exploring this area.

2019 will see some substantial leaps taken in augmented reality along with artificial intelligence. Last year possibly saw more industry uptake in VR (being used for things like museum tours), but it’s uses within the events industry are specialised. Let’s face it, we don’t often spend our days wondering around with our holographic glasses on!

We do however spend quite a bit of time on our smartphones. So much so that mine has started giving me analytics on my usage! Studies consistently show, that we touch our phones more than 2500 times per day. Is this 2500 missed opportunities to increase interaction with both audiences and new technology? Rock legends U2, have kicked us off with their latest tour containing transparent screens and AR interaction.

2019 is sure to be a year of incredible developments in technology but more than anything, I think this year will see greater integration with neighbouring industries than ever before.