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The Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP) has been asked to provide evidence to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) of events businesses which have been unsuccessful in applying for financial support from their Local Authority during the pandemic.

Any events business which has been unsuccessful in applying for support is urged to send evidence to the BVEP as soon as possible.

The fragmentation of the events industry has led to confusion and often a lack of understanding in some local authorities, with many events businesses being told they do not qualify for support.

The result has seen disparity across the country, with inconsistencies in who receives support across local borders.

Simon Hughes, chair of the BVEP, has asked for examples of evidence. He said: “The DCMS is keen to rectify the inconsistencies that exist at local government level when it comes to eligibility for support.

“The events industry has been hit hard, and this is another example of us demonstrating to Government just how deeply rooted the problems are.

“If your business has been so far unsuccessful in applying for grants, or any of the available support measures, please contact us with a clear overview of your experience, together with electronic copies of supporting documents you may have received from your Local Authority.”

Send your evidence to:

Image: Bank of England