Research conducted by Eventbrite has revealed that 62% of people have attended five or more virtual events in the past month.  The event management and ticketing site has also announced a number of partnerships with the aim of increasing its virtual event offering.

The survey, which had over 1,000 respondents, also revealed that 42% of people paid between US$11-30 (£8-22) to attend virtual events, and that nearly half of those surveyed had invited others to join virtually for online events.

The research also showed that virtual events are helping organisers reach audiences beyond their usual delegate pool, with 65% of respondents attending events outside their state, 62% attending events outside their city and 28% attending events outside their country.

Eventbrite has also announced that  introducing new and product partnerships to “help optimise the online event experience”. One such partnership is with Vimeo, a video hosting platform. The partnership aims to bring Vimeo’s livestreaming and on-demand capabilities to Eventbrite. Through the partnership, Eventbrite creators will have access to an exclusive discount on Vimeo Premium pricing and interactive features, including Vimeo’s chat, polling and Q&A capabilities.

Richard Bloom, SVP of Business Development at Vimeo, said: “Virtual events have become an essential and enriching component to our new daily lives. We’re thrilled to partner with a leading experience platform like Eventbrite and to offer Vimeo’s best-in-class live streaming technology and interactive features to event creators around the world.”

Eventbrite will also be introducing a new Zoom app in its Eventbrite App Marketplace. With the Zoom app for Eventbrite, creators can create new or connect existing Zoom Meetings or Webinars to their events on Eventbrite. Once attendees register for an event, they will be automatically added as registrants to Zoom.

Renaud Visage, co-founder of Eventbrite, said: “Through these integrations, creators can more easily set up and host their online experiences, and deliver a truly memorable and streamlined experience to their attendees.”