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Case Study: Lighting Hans Zimmer at Hammersmith

The back catalogue of composer Hans Zimmer reads a little like a review of some the best films of the last twenty years. Academy Award winner for The Lion King in 1994; Grammy Awards for The Crimson Tide and The Dark Knight through to the WAFCA Award for 12 Years a Slave in 2013....
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EventServ on innovation at events

Run an exit poll at any event and ask ‘what impressed you most’. The answers are most likely to refer to an innovation – something never experienced before, says EventServ development and support manager Emily Huddart....
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Cvent on engagement at festivals: the new model

'Engagement' is a popular buzzword being bandied about our business, and with good reason. Connecting with the fans at your festivals is imperative to future success. Especially in these days of short attention spans, and the demand for convenience and instant gratification. Truth is, in America, most new music festivals fail after their first year, not only because of the stiff competition, but also because something’s just missing: the connection....