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For the ninth year, Boomtown Fair has chosen the specialist service of TheTicketSellers to deliver full ticketing, access control and meals management for the five-day festival.

TheTicketSellers’ team worked closely with Boomtown organisers to create a tailored full ticketing solution, including the highly-anticipated public ticket sale through to the management of all entry systems and access control on site. This was delivered using TheTicketSellers’ public ticketing platform alongside its behind-the-scenes management tool, Eventree to create a robust, seamless solution for full site access control.

With over 500 different ticket types and vehicle passes built into the platforms – the event organisers are given exceptional insight into public and crew numbers and can pinpoint control over access to the event site from build to break.

Associated wristbands

As part of this year’s implementation, festival goers were issued with associated wristbands, which link their paper tickets to specific allocated wristbands at the point of entry. This means identification and additional data captured as part of the ticket sale, is associated to the wristband they wear for the duration of the festival.

Using associated wristbands brought several successes to the event this year. By utilising the data associated with the wristbands, Event Control were able to reunite a lost teenager with family and also track contact details for someone in medical so that their friends could be located.

Mo Jones, Director of TheTicketSellers said; “The associated wristbands are hugely useful especially at events with a younger demographic when situations such as locating friends and family is made easier and more effective. We issued associated wristbands at Boomtown again this year and they really worked wonders. Not only were we able to reunite people when lost, the wristbands also meant festival goers could redeem their Eco Bond using their wristband at the end of the event, when many phone batteries were flat.

“Another key advantage and one that we experienced at Boomtown was that wristbands are ‘disabled’ until associated with a ticket. Some stolen wristbands were presented at a gate but because they hadn’t been ticket associated, the people in possession of them were not allowed entry.”

On site management

TheTicketSellers’ hardware was used at 40 different entry gates and locations, including public entrances, crew and artist accreditation, volunteer registration, five crew canteens and the shuttle bus pick up in Winchester.

TheTicketSellers team of 17 crew delivered the on-site service, overseeing and managing the technology, box office and audit functions.