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Sarah Cole and Kate Osler have been appointed joint managing directors of AEI Group, with the company’s co-founders James Cotterill and Diluk Dias stepping down.

Osler, who is director of the company’s El Dorado Festival (cap. 10,000) in Herefordshire, has been AEI Group’s chief operating officer since early 2019.

Cole has been AEI Group’s director of talent and events since October 2017. Her experience includes being head booker for El Dorado.

Cotterill and Dias established AEI in 1998, and in the following years built the independent company to incorporate recorded music, live events, digital sales, and artist and brand development.

Along with El Dorado, the company’s events include one-day 12,000-capacity festival Detonate; which will take place this year at Colwick Country Park in Nottingham on 25 September, and touring electronic music event Let It Roll.

Dias said, “[I’m] proud to announce the appointment of Sarah Cole and Kate Osler as joint managing directors of AEI Group Ltd. AEI exists to empower future generations through music and the co-founders stepping down will create more opportunities for progression at all levels within the company.”