What have you noticed changing in the seating sector both UK and Internationally over the last year, and has it changed or is it changing?

Historically, Clients have booked their seating requirements months & months in advance. However this season the pattern has changed dramatically, many clients are leaving their booking requirements up to the last minute. This presents major challenges, these are trying to juggle the logistics of fulfilling these jobs.

What sort of demands are organisers/agencies requiring and are they realistic demands?

The demand for Clients, both big and small are more bureaucratic with ever increasing Health & Safety legislation/technical information, CDM requirements which all add additional time for administration in head office.

How much does cost come into the equation when tendering/selling? Events are constantly looking to grow both in size and profit, but are you also reaping the rewards of what was/is been one of the most buoyant event seasons to date?

Cost has always been a key factor but it is even more critical to the client that they get a decent price in order to do the job, Ace Seating Hire as the contractor has to negotiate with the client in order that there is a mutually beneficial result.

Brexit is on the horizon. With everything that is happening currently between UK Parliament and EU Council…Is this going to cause you any major problems? And how can you combat it?

As nobody seems to know what Brexit means Ace Seating Hire will overcome any challenges as when they appear.

How do you invest into more training, learning and development for your staff?

Ace Seating Hire has an ongoing in-house training program both on the technical and administration front.

How is the relationship between organiser/agency and seating provider working? What does it look like and does it work in its current format?

Over the years because Ace Seating Hire is structured as it is a family owned and run business, we have built up strong relationships with our clients, resulting in repeat annual business.

With the market growing rapidly, are you outsourcing more freelance work now than before?

We do not outsource, which is part of the success of our business. We do our upmost to fulfil all contracts/enquiries ourselves, that way we can ensure quality control and customer satisfaction.

Are you more proactive or reactive in winning business in this competitive market?

Ace Seating Hire has embraced digital marketing and taken full advantage of the business opportunities.

In your opinion, what does the future of seating look like in 10 years’ time?

Customer expectations of the final product are only going to get more demanding, the base service will pretty much remain as is, but the emphasis will be on customer comfort.

How important is it for you to invest into new kit, is it an annual process. Do you buy to compete or to innovate? Do you manufacture?

Ace Seating Hire operates a thorough in house maintenance programme which keeps all our equipment in top condition and new and additional products are purchased or manufactured when required.

Tell us about some of your recent work?

ACE Seating Hire has carried out a wide variety of seating installations, both indoor and outdoor and many have presented unique challenges. At the Tour de France ‘Grand Depart’, for example, grandstands were sited in flower beds and on traffic islands, and for the opening of the Northern Line underground extension for Transport for London, seating was lowered into and then built in the deep tunnel of the new Tube line. But the most exciting project to date has been to install 2000 seats on board the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, for The Queen to attend its commissioning ceremony at the HM Naval Base in Portsmouth.

The event was many months in planning, and ACE beat strong competition to win the contract. ACE worked in partnership with the dockside crew and the ship’s company to have the components lifted by shore-side derricks to the vessel, which ordinarily, of course would be carried-out by ACE personnel. To ensure that all was carried out smoothly, a comprehensive operations schedule had to be created to ensure that the seating components were on board ready for assembly in the short time-frame available. The ACE team was looked-after superbly while on board, and the Royal Navy sent their thanks for completing this project so smoothly and efficiently.

We have in fact, carried out numerous contracts for the M.O.D. at various Army barracks and RAF bases – all of which were extremely impressed by our courtesy and workmanship and, indeed, have re-contracted ourselves for more annual events and forwarded our company name to their associates around the country.
Also, we attended the GB motorsport rally in Wales, erecting and then moving our seating to suit the stages of the rally. Once again, the clients were very happy with our service and we hope to be continuing with them in the future years.

Apart from the major events, we also have completed many other contracts for Fashion Shows, Musical and Comedy Tours, Ice Shows and equestrian events, so therefore, our seating suits almost every occasion, both indoor and outdoor, from 50 to 5000 plus and we are always willing to discuss your needs, no matter how rare you may think they are.