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London’s 350-capacity 100 Club is to be used to test a new system developed to wipe out 99.99% of dangerous airborne pathogens, such as Covid-19, within buildings.

The Pathogen Reduction System (PRC) can be fitted into a building’s existing ventilation system, and it then uses high intensity UVC light to inactivate airborne pathogens. It is a similar technology to that used to disinfect operating theatres in hospitals and in water treatment plants but the intensity of the UVC light is higher and the way in which the UVC light is used is different.

Developed by a team of British engineers, scientists, medical experts and entrepreneurs, the PRC is to be trialled in London’s iconic 100 Club in January, in partnership with the Music Venue Trust (MVT).

MVT CEO Mark Dayvd said details of who will perform and the size of the audience are still being confirmed with DCMS, and full information of how the trial will be implemented will be announced shortly.

However, the organisation said the aim is to prove that the integration of the system into a building’s air conditioning creates an indoor environment that is Covid secure, allowing audience numbers to return to a pre-pandemic normal.

100 club owner Jeff Horton said, “We agreed to trial the PRS technology without hesitation and are very excited to be the pilot venue. The 100 Club has always attempted to be a leader in bringing new music to the forefront and this is an opportunity to be leading the way in getting grassroots music venues and the entire hospitality industry open again after the dire consequences of Covid-19. We also see this as an opportunity to future proof the venue should the world be brought to its knees again at some point down the road by another pandemic.”

Davyd said, “Using the Pathogen Reduction System as part of a ‘Test, Clean, Prevent’ approach creates the opportunity for economically viable increased capacity events.”