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L-R: Junkyard Golf Club CEO Chris Legh and TicketCo founder Carl-Erik M. Moberg

TicketCo, a Norwegian ticketing company, has launched operations in the UK and it has already made waves in the events industry. Tore Totland, TicketCo chairman, commented on the future of the sector following our feature on paperless ticket and said that ticketing is dead.

Access reached out to the company to learn more about its background in a move to understand how it dares to make such bold statement.

It all started with two rather frustrated festival organisers in Norway a few years back. Kaare Bottolfsen and Carl-Erik Michalasen Moberg couldn’t find the simplicity they needed in any of the existing ticketing solutions available and decided to create their own ticketing system. TicketCo was born.

Starting from scratch meant huge workloads, but it also meant they could skip all the old age complexity their competitors dealt with, and build an easy self-service solution.

With a firm belief in customer-driven innovation, TicketCo soon grew to be opponent to market leader Ticketmaster in Norway. Through close collaboration with their customers TicketCo founders realised that fragmentation was a huge pain point for most organisers, and their ambitions grew from dealing with ticketing to establish a unified platform for any kind of event-related sales.

Along this way they also engaged iZettle, the financial technology company for small businesses, to offer cashless terminals to all clients and integrating the two systems.

TicketCo also teamed up with Amedia, a major Norwegian media group, offering advertising packages to organisers and building strong connections between the organisers, their local media and their local subscribers and readers.


TicketCo also started to make strategic moves towards highly profiled Norwegian investors with first-hand experience from internationalization.

Last summer TicketCo’s unified platform was ready to be launched, and this was done with success at Tysnesfest, one of Norway’s largest festivals.

Tysnesfest is a rural festival that takes place on the island of Tysnes with a population of some 3,000 inhabitants. TicketCo sold approximately 30,000 tickets.

TicketCo user at Tysnesfest

The festival also sold port space for boats (such as cabin cruisers, day cruisers etc.), several types of accommodation, transportation, merchandise and food and beverages.

The sales operation was handled by TicketCo’s unified platform with success. The festival reported an increased turnover of 28 per cent over the pervious year.

TicketCo was launched in the UK in September 2017. The company hosted an event at The Norwegian Embassy in London and presented its technology and platform to partners and upcoming partners including iZettle, Event Merchandise, Junkyard Golf Club and Kygo.

Since then, TicketCo has signed contracts with venue operator Junkyard Golf Club. The contract demanded time slots as an added feature to their offering. This new partnership has been operative since 1 January 2018.

The company has also inked contracts with Event Merchandising, and has told Access that several new customers are in the pipeline.

This week David Kenny, former director at Freemans Event Partners, was recruited as TicketCo’s country manager in the UK. With this recruitment, TicketCo now employs five staff.

“You may call us the new kids in town, or you may call us the crazy Norwegians. Either way, we’re here to make a difference,” the company says.