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Ian Brown of Robe UK and Rob Myer of Light Fantastic

L-R: Ian Brown of Robe UK and Rob Myer of Light Fantastic

Technical production specialist Light Fantastic Production Services and Colour Sound Experiment, a lighting and video rental company, have made a large investment in the latest Robe moving light technology.

The purchase comprises 25 x MegaPointe and LEDBeam 150 moving light fixtures plus a selection of Pointes, Robin 600 LED washes and DL4X Spots in a custom white bodied finish.

These units will join the Robe Pointes already in Light Fantastic’s inventory. The total investment value is over £250,000, and the kit will be used to service Light Fantastic’s action-packed ongoing project schedule and dry hire requirements.

Based in Elstree just north of London, UK, Light Fantastic services a wide range of projects providing lighting, audio, video and scenic services. The company also provides extensive dry hire services to other industry clients.

The company, founded by Rob Myer, made its first Robe purchases around 2012 and now almost exclusively stocks Robe intelligent fixtures.

Myer said the choice of MegaPointe was based on the power and multi-functionality of the fixture and the belief that it will become a “totally rider friendly luminaire just like the Pointe”.

Commenting on the features, he added: “It’s a very versatile, well built, robust all-in-one fixture and a perfect choice for the diverse nature of Light Fantastic’s work.


Robe lights and flight cases at Light Fantastic warehouse

Myer also pointed out that, the service and support from Robe UK is a major consideration that underlined the purchase decision.

Touring rig

Colour Sound Experiment has also invested in new Robe equipment. The latest purchase includes MegaPointe moving lights, Blackmagic video control technology and new pre-rigged trusses, all of which is out on the current 2CELLOS tour playing arenas in key capital cities around Europe.

The West London-based lighting and video rental specialist is providing lighting, video, rigging and crew, working closely with lighting designer Crt Birsa and production manager Chris Griffiths.

The UK performance was a roof-raising extravaganza staged at London’s Royal Albert Hall with the band accompanied by The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra.

They played out some of 2CELLOS hugely dynamic repertoire which went from the decorum and refinement of assorted film scores to the raucous rock-out mayhem of AC/DC and the Rolling Stones covers.


The 2CELLOS tour features MegaPointe moving lights, Blackmagic video control technology and new pre-rigged trusses

The lighting is all toured in the pre-rigged trussing for convenience and to speed up the get-ins/outs. The main touring rig features three 14 metre long overheads trusses – front mid and back, with one more added for the Albert Hall.

These moving lights – 26 x MegaPointe, 20 x Spiider LED wash beams and five BMFL Spots for key lights – are distributed across all trusses with eight of the MegaPointe on the floor.

Colour Sound Experiment explained that these lights do most of the work, creating “subtle and beautifully composed looks” for the first section of the show, augmented with 2-lite and 4-lite blinders for audience illumination, alongside with strobes on the mid and upstage trusses which kick in later in the set.

Robe manufactures moving lights and digital lighting products out of its 55,000 square metre facility in the Czech Republic. The company employs over 600 staff, and the products are exported via a worldwide distributor network to over 100 countries across all continents.