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Bumat turnatble Channel

Revolving stage by Bumat to showcase Karl Lagerfeld’s designs for Chanel’s Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2008 collection. (AP Photo/Thibault Camus)

Protec has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Bumat Motion Systems GmbH, the German manufacturer of turntables and revolving stages.

Through this agreement, Protec will be better positioned to provide their partners and customers with a more comprehensive product offer, including turntables and revolving platforms for rent to events and exhibitions held in the Middle East.

“Over the last year we have had more and more requests for revolves, particularly in the motor industry,” commented Stephen Lakin, Protec founder and CEO. “We felt that working together with a world leader like Bumat would be the ideal solution to beef up our stocks with a quality product that we could offer our clients.”

German quality

Established in 1948, the Hockenheim–based company is the world’s leading manufacturer of turntables and revolving platforms with the largest and most comprehensive range of rental turntables in stock.

“Bumat manufactures a highly sophisticated and long-lasting product. This is why we only manufacture our turntables in Germany. Different construction parts, protected by patents, ensure a high running smoothness and durability of our turntables,” Timo Burgmeier, Bumat MD, explained.

Commenting on the partnership with Protec, Burgmeier said: “We have been installing systems and managing numerous projects for customers around the world since the company was founded in 1948.

“Dedicated assembly and service teams with many years of experience are at our customers’ disposal wherever they may be: in Germany, Europe or anywhere else in the world. We are very excited and we are sure that our agreement with Protec will be a positive step – both for us as well as the Middle East region.”

Ronacher theatre

The Ronacher theatre in Vienna features a revolving stage by Bumat

Bespoke solution

Revolving stages have been used in a wide range of events including fashion, museums, and by the automotive industry, to showcase products at consumer shows and exhibitions.

Burgmeier said the company’s engineering achievements enable its clients to take advantage of all conceivable combinations of complex revolving, rotating, elevating and traversing movements. “We use of state-of-the art 3D CAD systems and our own production facilities with CNC machining centres.”

Due to its modular system, Bumat can supply turntables of any size and carrying capacity. Each unit can be made of aluminium or steel, in diameters ranging from 0.1m to 55m, and capable of accommodating loads weighting 10kg to 450metric tons.

Lakin continued: “Our customers can now order turntables out of the standard-system or have them planned and manufactured according to their individual requirements. They can individualize any turntable with regards to carrying capacity, installation height, construction design, mode of operation and serviceability.”

Protec is known for its event technical delivery and ability to use the latest technologies and equipment drawn from its portfolio. The company only recently bolstered its lighting, video and audio departments with both new equipment and staff. The investment further reinforced its over 140 team members.