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OnBeat, an app developer company for the music industry, has launched a new platform for event and festival organisers. The app allows them to create guides for IOS and Android users.

Jack Howell, founder of DJ Mag Spain, is at the helm of the new service. “Festival goers are increasingly planning their lives and communicating through their mobile devices. Our apps cater to this natural evolution,” he said.

The OnBeat boss also explained that its team has created the building blocks from which organisations can mould their own application. “The exciting part is that we’re not limited to working in the festival arena, it has much wider licensing potential,” he said.

Using shared technology, OnBeat helps festival organisers to create their own customised apps with simple navigation, great aesthetics, a range of functions and for the fraction of the normal cost.

Key features

According to the company, OnBeat has built a wide range of interactive and user-friendly features, with both festival organisers and consumers in mind.

These include:

  • Users are able to create their own schedule, receive notifications when their favourite artists are performing, and listen to tracks and sets from their chosen event
  • OnBeat functionality performs both online and offline.
  • The app is designed to facilitate sponsorship deals and advertising, without disrupting the user experience.
  • The Content Management system provides all the relevant analytics and metrics.
  • OnBeat can be used as a communication/payment tool before, during and after the event.

In addition, OnBeat can be used to raise awareness and build hype ahead of the event, as well as showcasing artists and encouraging users to listen to their SoundCloud or purchase their latest releases.

During the event there is scope to integrate payments systems and alert users of changes in schedules/venues/transport.

After the festival, organisers can continue their engagement with users with promotional offers and post-event content, while continuously driving advertising revenue and marketing future events.