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Future Music Festival

Future Music Festival, Randwick, Sydney, Australia. Photo credit Eva Rinaldi

The UK chapter of the International Live Events Association (ILEA) has outlined its educational strategy and key themes for the next 12 months. The programme looks to start a conversation about the future of the events industry and the role of experience.

“The wrong conversations seem to be talking about millennials and we’re keen to hear from them direct, and to learn how we can create events for them and by them,” commented Hannah Luffman, director of education, ILEA, and managing editor, Unicorn Events. “Equally, we’re looking to bring a new perspective on event technology and creativity that isn’t being addressed in the industry.”

The main themes are ‘Millennial and Centennial Mindsets, Creative Play’ and ‘Global Event Technology Trends’. The chapter is also promising new ways of executing its programme to involve its members more pre, during and after the sessions, and with different event formats encompassing workshops, boot camps and huddles.

The millennial and centennial tracks are designed so events professionals can hear the thoughts of both younger audience members and event organisers, with the aim of better understanding of how events can better understand these influential audiences.

Meanwhile, the chapter is continuing to advocate the role of creativity in curating events with a series of functions that encourage creativity though play amongst industry professionals, regardless of their seniority.

Finally, the look towards global event tech promises to be a departure from traditional debates on event technology, with a more global look at the trends that are affecting event creation now, and into the distant future.

The programme will be rolled out through ILEA’s existing relationships with the Summer Event Show and International Confex, as well as through a series of specialist events aimed at ILEA members.

“People come to ILEA for education that has something different to say than most of the mainstream options,” said Carlo Zoccalli, president, ILEA UK Chapter. “We’re really excited about these sessions, the new content we can share with our members, delivered in a more contemporary way.”