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Iceland’s Secret Solstice, the music festival held during 96 hours of straight sunlight in Reykjavik,  has announced the return of its signature side events, Into The Glacier and The Lava Tunnel.

Heading to its fifth edition, Secret Solstice will take place on 21-24 June 2018. The show combines a world-class music festival with the many one-of-a-kind attractions that the land of fire and ice has to offer.

Recently nominated by The European Festival Awards, the carbon-neutral festival attracts visitors from across the world keen to dance in the rays of the never-setting midnight sun.

The organiser has secured a world-class and diverse musical lineup and the programme offers festivalgoers a chance for experiencing many of the country’s extraordinary environmental attractions.

Side events

Utilizing the country’s stunning natural settings and spaces, Into the Glacier and The Lava Tunnel cater to both music and nature lovers, offering once in a lifetime, jaw-dropping experiences.

For thousands of years what lay beneath the surface of the Langjökull glacier was considered a mystery and it was only recently that humans were able to see the spectacular blue ice buried 130-feet beneath the surface.

Equally as breathtaking, the journey into the magnificent lava caves at Raufarhólshellir is a chance to witness what happens underground during a volcanic eruption which results in natural ice sculptures and stalactites in connecting lava tubes that form natural subterranean arteries.

Into The Glacier opens on Saturday 23 June and The Lava Tunnel will is on Saturday 23 and 24 June.

Full lineup for the Secret Solstice festival is yet to be announced.