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A new room-scale virtual reality studio is now available for brands who wish to explore the potential of the new technology. The space is located in Farringdon, London.

Found Studio is part of Output Group and specialises in motion work. The new VR space allows the company to showcase Vanishing Act, the studio’s latest project.

This will be Found’s first exploration into room-scale VR. Rather than sitting or standing still, as is more common in virtual reality experiences, room-scale allows users to move around the site with the headset on, using hand controller to react with scenes.

Marcus Moresby, Output Group creative director, commented: “Not many people have the luxury of space within their home, so this type of VR is largely unused. The end result is a much more immersive, transportational experience. We’re exploring the technique and testing it to its limits.”

The project

The Vanishing Act VR experience takes users into the mind of scientist Dr Pelham, who has mysteriously vanished. His memories and dreams have been recorded onto his computer, and users will descend into this world to try and discover clues as to his whereabouts.

The studio is now open for brands to experience and is available to book by the hour. The demo studio will showcase projects created by Found VR, but also other projects that demonstrate the power of VR.

Commenting on the project, Andreas Toscano Mielenhausen of Google, said: “Fantastic. This is what VR should feel like: creating a virtual world you can actually explore for real.”

Found Studio said it has previously worked on VR projects for a number of brands including Pernod Ricard’s Havana Club ‘Casa Havana’ VR Experience —the flavour of another place and time—, Brancott Estate ‘The Red Shed’ VR experience —a multi-sensory wine tasting experience— as well as other self-initiated projects including ‘The Room’ VR studio project.