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Frazer Coupland from No Fuss Events in Lochaber, Scotland, has told Access that the company is currently looking for partners to join its growing portfolio of outdoor events. The organiser has recently announced the addition of Ski-An-Duro, a new Ski/Board and Mountain Bike race to take place on 17 March next year.

At least 150 riders are expected to sign up for the race that goes from the summit of Aonach Mor to the Pine Martin café at the base station.

The event is along similar lines to races such as the Ski-To-Sea races at Mt. Baker in the US and others staged annually in countries like New Zealand. Ski-An-Duro will see Scottish and UK racers tackle a variety of challenges both above and below the snowline.

Commenting on the the event, Coupland said: “The main challenge will be the unpredictability of the Scottish weather. We have a great relationship with the management and staff at the ski area, which will be really helpful when designing the snow sport segment of the race.”

Coupland also pointed out that this is a new concept, hence “it is difficult to know if the market exists although we are very enthused by initial interest in the event”.

Safety of participants is always a concern and the organiser will work closely with Muddy Medics, Ski Patrol and Mountain Rescue to ensure the event will be safe.

Expanding portfolio

No Fuss Events is looking to partner with suppliers who would like to “share the mutual benefits from audience alignment”.

Coupland explained: “Currently we have not signed any agreement, however we are circulating a document to attract partners to our portfolio for 2018 and 2019.

No Fuss Events is hosting the World Endurance Mountain Bike Organisations 24hr World Championships for solos and pairs. The firm is also in the process of preparing a bid for another World Series Mountain Bike event for 2019, which has to be ready in November this year.

“More news on these events will be released over the coming months,” Coupland concluded.