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Eventbrite has released a new report summarising the results from a nationwide, representative survey looking at the going out habits of millennials.

The study looks at the events scene in the UK and challenges associations of millennials as phone addicts who prefer the digital to the real world.

Entitled Brighter Futures, the survey’s follows on from a 2014 survey that revealed millennials want experiences, not possessions. The new report expands on the previous discovery under the following four key themes:

  • A growing experience economy: Millennials are spending £3,750 a year on going-out, £1,750 of which on tickets to events. The numbers of people going out are up vs a year ago, and there’s a desire to do more; as well as a willingness to make sacrifices in day to day life to fund it.
  • Desire for diversity: Millennials are going out to a wide range of festivals and events – from music festivals to immersive experiences and wellness events. They’re fulfilling different needs for them: to meet people, to find love, to get out of their comfort zone, or to indulge themselves.
  • Rise of wellness: Health lifestyles are up, alcohol is down, and not because they are bothered about how they look on social media. Events are playing a key role in this rise of wellness.
  • Keeping it real: One of the reasons for the drop in drinking is that Millennials want to enjoy (and remember) the moment more; they’re even willing to turn off their phone to avoid distractions. They’re also keeping things real, preferring real life romantic encounters over dating apps, with festivals and events playing a crucial role in match-making.

Key numbers

Other findings on the latest Evenbrite report include facts about their spending on events.

On average, millennials have been to 30 events and festivals in the past twelve months, spending a total of 840 hours – or 35 days – in venues and festival sites.

They’re attending a wide variety of events and venues, including nightclubs and exhibitions/galleries (both seven times a year avg.), gigs (five a year avg.), the theatre (four times a year avg.) and sporting events (two a year avg.).

On average, they go to one music festival, one food festival, one charity event and one talk/class a year. Although not as frequent, 33 per cent have gone to an arts and culture festival, 20 per cent to an immersive experience and 16 per cent to a wellness event in the last twelve months.

They’re willing to travel for the festival experience, with one in four of the music festivals attended in the last year being outside of the UK.

Alongside events/festivals, the average millennial goes out to bars and restaurants two to three times a month, and to a fitness class once a month. They are spending around £1,500 a year on bars and restaurants and £440 on fitness classes.

The survey canvassed 1,023 millennials (men and women aged 21–37) who have been to at least one festival, gig or concert, nightclub, rave, immersive experience, event or talk/class in the last year (62 per cent of millennials met this criteria). Fieldwork took place between 31st July and 4th August 2017.

The full report is available to download.